Breaking News 7/31/12

In Breaking News on July 31, 2012 at 5:45 pm

Ebola Is Back.

India Has Catastrophic Power Outage.  Good Thing They Are the Tech Support of the World

Pictures of a Blacked Out India

Even Private Murals Get Painted Over if the City/State Doesn’t Agree with its Message

Economic Collapse to Begin Tomorrow?

More Reporting on the Hidden $21 Trillion.  Oh You Sheep, How You are Fleeced.


Police Provocateur at Anaheim Protests



1/2 Billion Dollars Worth of Heroin and Meth Seized in Australia.  The CIA is Gonna be PISSED.

Bird Flu Has Jumped to Baby Seals.  Humanity is Probably, Most Likely, Maybe Not, Next.

A Cult in New Jersey Has Stolen a Body, According to Fox News, for Some Sort of Ritual.  Christians Steal Bodies Now?

James Howard Kunstler Tells You Which Blogs to Follow

And Finally…

Breaking News 7/27/12

In Breaking News on July 27, 2012 at 6:33 am


All I can say is, WHAT THE HOLY FUCK?? Chi Mo and His Buddy Planned or Did Kill and Eat Kids

Chick Fil A VP Dies.  Getting Fucked In The Ass In Hell Right Now

Cut in Line?  You are Getting Stabbed, Bitch!

Madonna Bound, Gagged, Fans Demand Money Back In France.  Plus She Displays the Swastika.  All Sorts of Strangeness Abound.

Scarier Then Terrorists

Bell Book & Candle Ceremony at Olympics.  More Dummy Fear

Yet the Opening Ceremonies Are Not Streamed Live On the Internet and Can Only Be Seen On Cable  

Northeastern Pussies Are Scared of a Little Rain.  Sadly Camping During A Huge Storm Did Turn Deadly For One Woman.

They Took R Jerbs!  Conservative Immigration Pron

Anaheim Is Going To Explode in More Civil Unrest, if The Police Keep Poking the Bear

The Truth About Saudi Oil Fields and Reserves

Anti Rape Female Condoms.  Why Do We Live In a World Where This Is Necessary?   

And Finally…

The Term ‘New World Order’ Is a Lie

In DoomDaddy Blog on July 26, 2012 at 10:41 pm

Take a moment to think about how much you are designed to fear a new world order.  One world government, no sovereignty, no rights, the poor stealing from the rich.  Oh, what a boogie man this is!  FEMA camps, the removal of guns, one currency, and free movement of people.  What doom!  Too bad it is all a lie.

Now take a second and reflect upon who the NWO would be.  Wouldn’t it be the same masters that you currently bow down too?  The same corporate interests?  The same rich families?  What would it benefit them to lock you into a FEMA camp, when you are already locked into the television?  Those same people have taken over the term new world order, because they don’t want you to create exactly that.

I know that Star Trek is a fictitious TV show, but it is something we could all learn from.  How does humanity survive in that show?  Who is in charge?  Is there a class, based off of nepotism that is ruling everyone else?  No.  Only those of merit are in charge, and that is only through the allowance of everyone else.  They acknowledge and respect the leaders, because they have earned it.  Not because they were born with it, or somehow learned how to socio-pathically steal from everyone else.

My advice?  Instead of focusing on how everyone is “sheeple” and how you know so much about the NWO or the Illuminati, take a minute to think about it.  How do you know this information?  Who is telling you this?  Are you propagating the exact fear that the OLD World Order wants you too, in order to keep everyone afraid?  Fear is the greatest control mechanism possible.


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